If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.
Jesus (John 8: 36)


Do you want to be free from porn and take your relationship with God to the next level?

Do You Want To Learn The Principles You Need To Safeguard Your Kids Against Porn Addiction?

If you’re like most Christian men, you will have struggled with porn at some stage in your life. It may be something you now have under control, it may be something you continue to view occasionally or it may be a real problem you still need to overcome.

Many Christian men don’t think viewing porn occasionally is a big deal, but I want you to know that it is. Having found true freedom and now walking in purity, I have seen the enormous difference it has made in my life and the lives of other men.

Viewing porn will hinder you from having a deep and intimate relationship with God!

Porn also objectifies women who were created in the image of God. It distorts intimacy, destroys relationships and creates unrealistic expectations in the bedroom.

So, if this is something you continue to struggle with, I want you to know that there is hope. True freedom is attainable, but it’s not something that men can easily achieve on their own. That’s why attending one of our groups with other Christian men has several advantages that will help you attain freedom.


Learning what God’s word says about how to put off wrong behaviours and put on or replace them with Godly behaviours will help you overcome, resist, and break the habit.


Having an accountability partner in your group will help keep you on track and remove the secrecy and hiddenness by bringing attitudes and behaviours into the light, thereby minimising its power over you.

God’s word

Learning scripture passages and how to apply them to combat your own temptations and the attacks of the devil will be crucial for you in winning the battle.


Seeking God’s help in the battle is another vital aspect of gaining freedom. Being part of a group who is praying for you is a powerful weapon that will strengthen you on your journey to freedom and victory.

Yes, you are in a battle

A battle for your soul and a battle with an enemy that seeks to hinder a deep vibrant relationship with God.

This course is based on well established biblical counselling principles.

So, if freedom and victory in this area are something you want to achieve, we look forward to having you join us in one of our groups.

Who Runs this?


Hi, my name is Greg. I grew up in Sydney and became a Christian in my teen years. After attending Sydney Missionary and Bible College in my 20’s, I worked for 3 years as an Associate Minister to youth in an inner-West Anglican Church in Sydney. During my 30’s, I spent 8 years as a Missionary with SIM (Serving In Mission) in Nigeria, West Africa. 

Since returning to Australia, I have been working at TAFE in education and management roles. I am part of the leadership team of a small local Pentecostal Church in Sydney. 

I am a practicing Biblical Counsellor who is passionate about helping men find freedom, in particular those who struggle with lust and pornography. This passion was birthed out of my own journey from constant struggle to freedom. 

I am married to Arelda and we live in the inner-west of Sydney. 


  • Diploma of Divinity from Sydney Missionary and Bible College (SMBC). 
  • Bachelor of Education (Adult Ed) from University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). 
  • Master of Education (Leadership) from Western Sydney University (WSU). 
  • Master of Arts in Biblical Counselling from Master’s International University of Divinity (MIUD). 

Course Outline


  • Purpose and aim of group.
  • Facing the truth: addressing self-denial. 
  • The power of the Grace of God.
  • Jesus our example and focus.
  • There is hope.
  • Put-off and put-on principle.
  • Taking every thought captive.
  • Memorising scripture.
  • Practical Steps: Taking Radical Measures. 
    • Bouncing your eyes. 
    • Restricting access.
  • The importance of accountability.
  • From walking in darkness to walking in the light. 
  • The importance of confession and repentance.
  • Hyper-grace: what is it? 
  • What about the M word?  
  • How can a young man keep his way pure? 
  • Why live a pure life? 
  • Believing the truth of God’s word and rejecting the lies.
  • Learning to hate sin.
  • It’s all about your heart for God. 
  • Idolatry: from worship of an idol to worship of the true God.
  • The place of worship in your life.
  • What defines you: Your identity in Christ. 
  • The Cross – where our sin is dealt with, and freedom is found. 
  • Fighting sin by focusing on Christ.
  • Our battle is not against flesh and blood.
  • Open doorways: closing the door.
  • Prayer for each group member.
  • Moving forward on your own: Putting on the full armour of God.
  • The importance of ongoing accountability. 
  • Group testimonials and feedback. 


All group members must adhere to a high level of confidentiality and whatever is discussed within the group cannot be shared outside the group.

Testimonials from previous Group Members

As feedback is collected via anonymous survey, we hope you’ll understand that we don’t publish any identities below.

“This course has given me greater confidence in dealing with sin in my life, while growing in my walk with the Lord. Intimacy with Him is the key to freedom in all areas of life, including my day-to-day. Knowing the Truth through this course has renewed my walk with the Lord, where I look forward to having daily conversations no matter where I am – I can run to the Father.”

July 2023 Participant

“I’ll keep it short:
This program is exceptional;
join and come ready to be stretched and edified toward true freedom.
Freedom is possible and worth it, and this program points you in that direction.”

July 2023 Participant
Next Courses Commence July 2024

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Face to face/Online individual counselling sessions are available and can be arranged through the contact page.

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